Pann Puza – the story sums it up!


Here is how the folklore goes. This is the version that my grandmother used to tell us and this is what we narrate each year while doing the puza. The accuracy of the story is not important, the learning from it is. It is said that there was an extremely poor unmarried lady who lived with her mother in a village in Srinagar. They were so poor that it had become a curse to live each day. At some point they saw a bunch of people preparing this sweet from dough (Roth) and performing a puza. On … [Read more...]

What about my freedom!

Somehow i forgot to smile Somewhere i lost touch with realityRunning away from sunshine was never my thingShades are my refuge nowIt has been years, it has been decadesI want my sunshine back I want my freedom again Is it too much to askIs it too early to ask . . . … [Read more...]

To HOPE now and beyond . . .

Some moments are really tough Many times you don't want to hear the truth Sadly, reality has a different agenda One that may not be as comforting Beliefs get questioned and emotions more intense. Desperation demands a piece of your mind and your heart can't be far behind. There are times you compartmentalise At times you don't fine an empty one. Where do you go from there How do you cope and still believe. Your only hope is to hope. Nothing can replace it, nothing comes even close You try to … [Read more...]

Navreh Mubarak !

Generations faded away with hope for a better tomorrow, hope to return back, hope to relive the past . . . It is this hope that keeps us going, keeps us from buckling down. May this hope always be by our side, in good times and bad. To the hope of having a "home" again. Navreh Mubarak ! … [Read more...]