One Sunday in Delhi

Yesterday was a beautiful day. It was windy, it was cool and it was almost perfect. Trees were shedding leaves, leaves that were lifeless and dry now. I walked on heaps of them listen carefully to the sound, tried it many a times but it was not what is was. It is spring, oh dear and not the harud you are looking for. It is Delhi my dear and not Srinagar you want it to be. Heart filled with joy, no doubt, but the greater joy lay elsewhere. It ended like any other Sunday, a day lived far … [Read more...]

To another Herath, outside home! To Mahadev, the coolest of them all!


It is that time of the year again, when i really fall into love with my God. Rest of the year is a deep connect with very little expression. But when your God is as cool as him, who needs to bother about expressions - love or hate. He would not bother about them either. There is such learning from him, there is such grace, such sense of belonging, a determination to see through, an urge to do good, to watch at a distance and keep a watch, to help, to learn, to never abandon, to never judge, … [Read more...]

To the tests of 2014. To renewed hope and challenges of 2015


Like every Kashmiri, I have seen tough times. Life has been a challenge at every stage, even when things have been good. 2014 turned out to be one of the toughest, if not the toughest. Not only was this incredibly difficult, it had decision points with incredible impact – now and in future. I stated this year with a trek over the frozen Zanskar, famously known as the "chaddar trek". One fine day, one of my friends Ajay asked if I would come for the chaddar trek. I did not even blink and said … [Read more...]

Pann Puza – the story sums it up!


Here is how the folklore goes. This is the version that my grandmother used to tell us and this is what we narrate each year while doing the puza. The accuracy of the story is not important, the learning from it is. It is said that there was an extremely poor unmarried lady who lived with her mother in a village in Srinagar. They were so poor that it had become a curse to live each day. At some point they saw a bunch of people preparing this sweet from dough (Roth) and performing a puza. On … [Read more...]